Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DAV Applauds Clarification of Affordable Care Act

Update from Joseph A. Violante, DAV National Legislative Director

WASHINGTON-The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is pleased that President Barack Obama's administration has vowed that veterans and servicemembers would continue to receive prosthetic devices from the Department of Veterans Affairs or TRICARE at no cost.

The White House announcement last week dispelled unfounded rumors that disabled veterans and servicemembers would face a new tax on prosthetic limbs and other vital medical services under the Affordable Care Act. While the health care law does impose a new tax on big medical device manufactures, the tax will not be passed on to veterans and servicemembers.

"The President's statement should help put to rest unfounded rumors that have been spread among our nation's disabled veterans and servicemembers," said DAV National Commander Roberto "Bobby" Barrera. "Our veterans and servicemembers were suddenly struck by these rumors, and many feared that our government was abandoning them to pay for their own disability."

Prices and reimbursements for medical devices will continue to be negotiated between manufacturers and insurance companies, retail establishments and, in the case of the federal government, for veterans and servicemembers. The full cost of prosthetic devices for veterans will continue to be borne by the government.

"The DAV is committed to ensuring the highest quality health care for disabled veterans and that service-connected disabilities remain the responsibility of the federal government," said Commander Barrera. "The disabilities veterans and servicemembers have suffered as a result of their military service will affect them the rest of their lives. They have earned their government health care and benefits through sacrificing for our nation."

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