Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WDVA Benefits Booklets Available Once Again

Despite public and DAV outcry, the former WDVA Secretary discontinued the popular WDVA Benefits booklets.  However, since his welcomed departure in March, WDVA has restored their production and has now released an updated edition.

According to WDVA Senior Communications Specialist Kathleen Scholl:

WDVA has received in and has available an updated new version of the WDVA B0-100 booklet, called “Wisconsin Veterans Benefits –A Guide.”  An ample supply of the hard-copy booklets is available at the WDVA headquarters in Madison. An electronic version of the B0-100 will be posted to the department website.

The Division of Veterans Benefits outreach staff will have a certain amount of booklets on hand for veterans at the Supermarkets of Veterans Benefits in Green Bay next month and Milwaukee in July upon request

Otherwise, the boxes can be picked up from department headquarters in Madison.  We cannot mail the boxes.

The point of contact for distribution questions is Executive Staff Assistant Nora Meissner, at (608) 264-6096 or nora.meissner@dva.state.wi.us.

Any other questions regarding the publication itself may be directed to me.

Thank you.


Kathleen Scholl

Communications Specialist-Senior

Office of Public Affairs

WI Dept. of Veterans Affairs

(608) 267-3582 phone

(608) 264-7616 fax


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