Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Increase Approved for Disabled Vets’ Mobility Grants

by Lauren Sanders on December 15, 2010

Veteran Mobility Grant(VABenefitBlog.com) - In December of 2011, the VA will increase the one-time vehicle grant from $11,000 to $18,000 allowing disabled veterans in need of a handicap accessible van, mobility van, or wheelchair van greater purchasing power.

Any disabled veteran who has been given a power or manual wheelchair by the VA and require a vehicle for their mobility equipment may apply for Disabled Veterans grants. Disabled Veteran grants and programs available to qualified veterans include:

One-time Vehicle Grant

The one-time vehicle grant may be used towards the purchase of a vehicle needed to transport a veteran’s mobility equipment. Vehicles may also be converted to house a wheelchair lift and/or a lowered floor handicap accessible ramp with the help of the vehicle mobility equipment grants.

Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program

The program teaches disabled veterans with service-related injuries to enter, exit, and operate a motor vehicle by providing the necessary equipment and training. Disabled veterans may enter the program after receiving an automobile grant, and after the completion of Driver’s Training with an approved driver’s evaluator. Even veterans who do not meet the criteria needed to operate a vehicle, due to the loss of or loss of the use of a limb or alkalosis of a hip or knee, may still receive the equipment needed to enter and exit a vehicle.

Home Modification Grants

The VA provides home modification grants up to $60,000 to eligible disabled veterans to help with the costs of making a home more accessible. Home Improvement & Structural Alterations grants are also available in the amounts of $1,200 for veterans with non-service related disabilities, and $4,100 for veterans with service related disabilities.  HISA grants may be used to make improvements or alterations to a home to provide greater accessibility, and are generally used for wheelchair ramps, railings, lowered countertops, widened doorways, and handicap accessible bathrooms.

In addition to vehicle and home modification grants, disabled veterans may also be eligible to receive manual and powered wheelchairs, durable medical equipment, and patient lifts. Disabled veterans should contact their local VA office for more information about the benefits they may be eligible for which may make life more accessible.

Photo thanks to Karl Johnson under creative common license on Flickr.

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