Thursday, December 30, 2010

DAV Stand Up For Veterans Update, December 30, 2010

Stand Up For Veterans Update

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December 30, 2010

Advance Appropriations Protects VA Health Care From CR Problems

Dozens of federal programs are in "budgetary limbo" according to a report in yesterday's Los Angeles Times, due to "Congress' passage of temporary funding in lieu of a budget for the year..." The federal government has been operating under continuing resolutions since October 1, the start of fiscal year 2011, creating severe financial difficulties for many agencies and programs facing flat and uncertain budgets. However, thanks to Congress' approval of advance appropriations last year, the VA health care system was unaffected by Congress' failure to enact the FY 2011 budget on time or reliance on short term funding measures.

Brings Spotlight on Newest Homeless Veterans

The growing number and plight of homeless Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans was featured in a segment of the ABC News This Week show on Sunday. Citing an estimate that there are 9,000 homeless veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan, ABC reported that, "...the Department of Veterans Affairs believes the number of homeless could be higher as a result of combat stress, brain injuries from IEDs, repeated deployments, and rising use of drugs and alcohol." The report also cited the tight economy and high unemployment as contributing to the challenges facing the newest generation of returning war veterans.

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