Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joint Congressional Hearing for DAV Legislative Priorities Set


A joint, annual Congressional hearing to receive the legislative priorities of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) has been set for March 1, 2011, the culmination of DAV’s National Mid-Winter Conference in Washington, DC.

More information on the hearing, including the time and location, is available from the U.S. House Committee on Veterans’ Affair, at: http://veterans.house.gov/hearings/hearing.aspx?NewsID=2277 

Attendees of the DAV National Mid-Winter conference from Wisconsin include:

  • State Commander John Hoeft
  • Senior Vice State Commander KC Johnson
  • State Deputy Adjutant Dick Marbes (Past National Commander)
  • State Judge Advocate Al Labelle (National Legislative Committtee)
  • 12th District Commander Charles Vandenplas (National 12th District Commander)
  • State Legal Advisory Stephen Leopold (Former State Legislator)
  • State Legislative Director Clarence Stoel
  • State Special Assistant Anthony Hardie (National Deputy Chief of Staff)
  • Department Service Director Roger Dorman
  • Supervisor, DAV National Service Office in Milwaukee, John Kleindienst



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