Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DAV: Debt Limit Rhetoric Worries Disabled Veterans

WASHINGTON--As Republican and Democratic congressional leaders continue negotiations with President Obama on an agreement to increase the debt ceiling, the rhetoric has become increasingly heated and worrisome to disabled veterans and others who receive federal benefit payments. For many, disability compensation and pension payments are the major source of income.

"It is time to put aside partisan bickering and political brinksmanship when it comes to the nation's sacred obligation to disabled veterans and their families," said Disabled American Veterans National Commander Wallace E. Tyson. "The men and women who have preserved and protected our precious freedoms at great personal cost simply must be guaranteed they will continue to receive their disability compensation and other benefits without interruption."

"It is outrageous that disabled veterans have become political pawns in the fight over how to increase the government's borrowing authority," Tyson said. "Whatever the outcome of the battle over the nation's debt ceiling, compensation and pension payments to disabled veterans and their families and survivors deserve the highest priority in federal spending. Their service and sacrifice is a debt the government absolutely must pay."

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