Friday, July 8, 2011

TSA Improves Screening for Severely Injured

Military Severely Injured Program

Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions
Photo of person receiving support.
To ensure our military severely injured have a smooth and uneventful screening experience, TSA has partnered with the Department of Defense and have developed a process for our wounded warriors. TSA watch standards are in the Military Severely Injured Center (MSI Center) on a twenty four hour, seven days a week bases to coordinate and assist the military severely injured and their families traveling throughout our airport security checkpoints.
Here is how the process works:
  • Once flight arrangements are made with the airline, the severely injured service member, their families, individual service severely injured programs, and/or even military treatment facilities & VA hospitals (calling on behalf of the injured service member to be discharged) can call the Operations Center’s 24/7 toll-free number (1-888-774-1361) with details of the itinerary.
  • The caller will be connected to a TSA liaison team member via the Center’s care managers.
  • The TSA liaison person will then notify the appropriate Federal Security Directors at the involved airports to ensure that any security screening required at those affected airports will be conducted by TSA screening experts with respect and dignity in order to make the overall experience for the service member as expeditious and pleasant, as possible.
Please refer to the links below to assist you as you make travel preparations:

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