Friday, April 8, 2011

DAV Stand Up For Veterans Update -- April 8, 2011


DAV Stand Up For Veterans Update
April 8, 2011

VA Health Care Lauded for Efficiency and Innovation

In an op-ed run by Politico this week, former Senator Bob Dole advised the “Obama administration and congressional leaders searching for ways to make the government more affordable and efficient… to study the health care delivery system of the Department of Veterans Affairs."  Based upon his personal experiences in the VA health care system, and as a policy maker who studied these issues for decades, Dole writes that VA’s, “…sophisticated information technology and supply-management systems allow VA to drive innovation throughout its health care system.”

Budget Option Dropping Veterans Health Care Under Fire from Disabled Veterans

In a new column out today, awarding-winning military journalist Tom Philpott reports on a proposal under consideration by the House Budget Committee that would cut off VA health care access for 1.3 million veterans currently in the system.  Disabled American Veterans' National Legislative Director Joe Violante told Philpott that, “…tossing 1.3 million veterans from VA care would leave the system without the ‘critical mass’ of patients needed to provide ‘a full continuum of care.’"

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