Saturday, April 30, 2011

DAV-Wis. 3rd District Conference Update

We had a great 3rd District Conference today at Oshkosh!

Assembly Veterans Committee Chair Rep. Dick Spanbauer (R-Oshkosh) spoke about his role and was VERY supportive.

Wis. Board of Veterans Affairs Chair Dan Naylor spoke about WDVA in a very earnest way, and said he will wait for the outcome of the pending things before making further decisions.

SJA Al Labelle brought everyone up to speed on what has been going on, and gave a lot of well deserved praise to State Commander John Hoeft for all his cooperative efforts.

Tony Blando, the new State Director for Sen. Ron Johnson's (R-Oshkosh) office was present and introduced himself and spoke about how supportive the Senator is of veterans' issues even though he is not a veteran.  Tony won the 50/50 raffle -- $138 - and donated it to the Transportation Program.

--Dick Marbes

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