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Veterans Career Transition Project at Select Job Corps Centers

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Veterans Career Transition Project at Select Job Corps Centers

Last July we told you about Veterans' Employment and Training Service
(VETS) and the Employment and Training Administration's (ETA) Office of
Job Corps partnering for an important demonstration project aimed at
Veterans 20-24 years old.

Don't stop promoting this valuable resource to your young Veteran
customers! This is the time to think outside the box in utilizing and
directing Veterans to resources and programs that they hadn't

Highlights of the project include:

- Job Corps' comprehensive array of career development services
- Project is free for eligible Veterans
- Program is customized for Veterans
- Includes transportation to and from the Job Corps center, housing,
meals, basic medical services, academic and career technical training
- Bi-weekly living allowance
- Job placement and post-graduation support

ETA has issued an Employment and Training Notice on the subject. You can
see it at http://www.nvti.ucdenver.edu/home/buzz_xtra/JC_Project.pdf.

Other resources:

Brochures (PDF) http://www.dol.gov/vets/jc-brochures/brochure.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

General Information (PDF)

Here is the contact info to sign-up for the demonstration project:
(800) 733-JOBS/5627

VETS' point of contact in our National Office is Tim Winter at phone
number, (202) 693-4705 or mailto:winter.timothy@dol.gov. The national
OJC point of contact is Maria Temiquel, (202) 693-3118.

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