Friday, June 17, 2011

Governor's Office Seeking Applicants for WDVA Secretary

From: Hurlburt, Waylon - GOV < Waylon.Hurlburt@wisconsin.gov >
Date: Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 4:48 PM
Subject: Applicants for the Next Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs
To: "Hurlburt, Waylon - GOV" < Waylon.Hurlburt@wisconsin.gov >
Cc: "Esser, Eric - GOV" < Eric.Esser@wisconsin.gov >

Hello All,

As I am sure you are aware, Assembly Bill 96 has passed the full Legislature with bipartisan support and should be signed into law by the Governor soon.  Details of the bill signing ceremony will come shortly.

In order to expedite the process of selecting a new Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, I am sending this link to the application prospective applicants will need to fill out.  Along with this application, a resume and letter of interest should be submitted. 

It takes time to perform the thorough background check necessary for the selection of a cabinet level Secretary.  We have a few applicants already.  The Governor will also want your thoughts regarding who the next secretary should be when he meets with at a minimum, six veterans organizations in compliance with the soon to be new law.  I will be in touch regarding those meetings.

Thank you in advance for having prospective nominees complete the application.  Have them send the completed forms to myself and Eric Esser, eric.esser@wisconsin.gov.


Waylon Hurlburt
Policy Advisor
The Office of Governor Scott Walker
State of Wisconsin

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